Big Project at IMS

In February, we were approached by Schmidt Peterson Motorsports for some graphics. Not just any graphics. This project was historical. They wanted a garage for the fans. An engaging 160 foot long by 10 foot high time line of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. We were in.

A custom wall was built and installed to hold the artwork. We printed 40 vinyl panels of this custom designed mural. It took 8 hours and each was labeled and boxed for install. The garage windows were masked and we were asked to be tight-lipped for the big reveal on May 12th.

With the gear packed, 3 Media Factory team members headed to the track over a 3 day period. Each panel was hung and matched to the other (sort of like wallpaper) and the time line came together.

A press conference was held for the big premier and many were present snapping pics, including IMS president, Doug Boles.

We’re proud of this wall mural obviously. It was a fun project and we are grateful we had a part of this year's events.