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How to Build a New Website - Part 2

How are you feeling about building your new website after Part 1? We’re hoping that you’re so excited that you couldn’t wait until we posted Part 2 so that you could finish your masterpiece of a new website!

No? That’s okay, too. Creating a new website is a lot of work. We get that. If at any point in this process, you want some help, don’t hesitate to call us. (We love helping clients with this stuff!)

Ready to jump back in? Here we go…

Step 4: Pick and Install a Theme

Here’s where things start getting fun (in my opinion). Up until now, a lot of the work you’ve done has been behind the scenes. At this point, you get to choose what your website is going to look like, and it starts getting real! It starts with picking and installing a theme.

If you’re not familiar with the term, the “theme” of a website determines its look and feel, including all of the colors, layout, and design. Some of those are changeable (depending on the flexibility of your theme), but for the most part the structure of your site comes from the theme you choose.

The good news is that there are existing themes for almost any business, service, or industry. Are you a photographer? There are themes for that. Handyman? Yup. Fashion designer? Indeed. In the event that you can’t find a free design that suits you, there are relatively-cheap ones that you can purchase.

Step 4: Add Plugins

Plugins are way to add functionality to your site. WordPress and Squarespace have thousands of free plugins which can include features like:

-Signing up email subscribers
-Social media sharing buttons
-Galleries to display photos

After you’ve found a plugin you want, click “Install now,” then “Activate plugin” in order to add it to your site.

Step 5: Create Content

So you’ve chosen the layout of your website and added some cool functionalities. Now it’s time to create some customized content.

You’ll need a variety of pages (like About, Contact, etc.), which are pretty easy to add. Before you do, try to think about your website in terms of being a new user and how you might make it easiest to navigate.

As a side note: Don’t forget to update your site in Settings with the right time zone, the correct title, and a tagline that suits your business.

If you’re going to start a blog as part of your site, you’ll want to set that up. With blogs, we recommend posting regularly and always using images.

Step 6: Promote It!

When your website is published and live, don’t forget to promote it! After all, don’t you want the world to see all of the work you’ve put into creating this awesome new website? Announce your new site via social media, your company newsletter, and email blasts.

Even though your website may be finished (for now), you don’t want to leave it static for too long. Update it regularly with the latest news about your business, new blog posts, and new images. The more faithful you are about publishing good content, the more faithful of an audience you’ll build.

Have questions? Or are you too busy or overwhelmed to put brain cells toward this? Give Media Factory a call. Let us build a new website for you! We’re experts at this stuff!