Back To School

There’s so much to do!

Who doesn’t love the schedule a new school year brings?  Clichés aside, this season always brings a sense of teamwork and community here at the Factory.  Classroom displays, posters, banners, signs and booklets are just some of the projects we are assigned.  Recently, we completed all the student handbooks for Westfield Middle School.  Coil bound, delivered and ready for distribution to the kiddos.  Calls for team signs?  Heck yeah.  We do a plethora of personalized banners so each athlete is recognized.  We also provided Zionsville men’s tennis with those cool round tennis balls that are proudly displayed in the team members’ front lawns.

We’ve done colorful murals for beautiful and long-standing hallway art.  Parking and directional signs to keep the flow steady are in our portfolio as well.  We do game passes complete with lanyard, performance tickets individually numbered and just about any multipart form to keep the records straight. 

Whatever aspect of a learning institution you are involved in, we are ready for your assignment and shooting for an A+.