Vine and Table

Vine and Table is a gourmet market in Carmel (and they just happen to be our neighbor just down the road on Carmel Drive). From local brews to fine wines made around the world, Vine and Table is exceptionally choosy about the selection of products they carry. If it’s on their shelves, they believe in it!

Known for their gourmet foods, cheese, and chocolates, Vine and Table also claims to have the best selection of Cabernet Sauvignon in the midwest. But that’s not all of the alcohol they carry—Vine and Table boasts everything from gin to tequila to brandy to whiskey, and everything in between. (This is one of many reasons that we’re BIG fans of Vine and Table!)

Media Factory prints and mails catalogs for Vine and Table every few months, highlighting their wines and other adult beverages. Their publications are informative, colorful, and enough to make even a sober person crave a goblet in their hand.

We’re proud to partner with an esteemed venue such as Vine and Table, which is part of the Kahn’s Catering family. We serve multiple of their companies by printing a variety of menus and catalogs throughout the year.

Next time you are looking for a unique gift basket, a new wheel of cheese, or a microbrew from another country, visit Vine and Table. Tell them Media Factory sent you!