How We Cure Healthcare Providers’ Marketing Issues

If you think of a hospital, you might think of a germ-ridden place people go when they’re sick. (And you’re right.) When WE think of hospitals - and similar healthcare offices - we think of some of our favorite clients (both national and local): dentists, plastic surgery offices, free clinics, and nursing homes. 

We LOVE helping healthcare providers. After all, we have all needed their services at one time or another. It gives us a sense of pride knowing that we’re helping people help people. (It may sound cheesy, but it’s true.) 

Granted, what we do may be small potatoes compared to those on the front lines serving in ERs and saving lives, but we do our part by helping them run smoother. We print and provide (and sometimes design) everything they need to make their operation run as effortlessly as possible. 

Take Sava Senior Care, for example. They are a healthcare chain with 200 sites nationwide that provides short-term and long-term care for the elderly. They needed an easy, centralized source for all of their marketing and stationary needs, so they came to Media Factory for help. We built a custom online store (internal to their company) to help them maintain their brand and manage their budgets. 

If you have worked in a multi-site organization, you understand how difficult it can be to make sure all print (and digital) communication pieces are consistent. With Media Factory’s help, Sava has an online portal where each facility can order what they need. Corporate receives a link to their order, which they can accept or decline. When it has been approved, we are notified and process the order. We then send a monthly bill to Sava’s corporate headquarters (or we could send it to individual sites, if desired). 

Sava saves money by purchasing volume (The more we make, the more they save on the cost of production); and we save time because we’re not processing orders individually. (Gone are the days of entering them one by one via fax or email! Praise Jesus!) It’s a win, win for everyone involved!

Media Factory maintains an extensive library of healthcare forms in Sava’s portal. We take care of everything from their business cards to their stationery, brochures, signs, posters, nursing forms, carbonless forms, etc. We make shipments to them almost daily....and they love us for it. When asked about their work with Media Factory, Sava Sales Operations Coordinator Beverly Breen said, “OMG, MEDIA FACTORY ROCKS!” there you have it. :) 

Imagine a world where your print publications are automated and consistent with your branding. It’s not a pipe dream; it’s possible with Media Factory. 

Are you interested in building a similar portal for your company? We’ll gladly meet with you to talk through all the options. Then we can work our magic and tailor it to your needs. Simple builds can be set up in a matter of days. (More complex ones obviously take a bit more time.)

We’re curing marketing issues one diagnosis at a time. Give us a call… it’s just what the doctor ordered.