Royal Dental Lab

Royal Dental Lab is a locally-owned and operated business right here in Carmel, Indiana. (In fact, our businesses are only 4 minutes apart...we’re practically neighbors!) They use the latest digital technology to create restorative options (think acrylic dentures and fake teeth) for dentists. A full service lab, they work with ceramics and porcelain.

We’ve been partnering with Royal Dental Lab since 2008. We print lots of their marketing fodder—from promotional handouts to product flyers. Media Factory is their one-stop shop for office stationery and forms. We also assist with their digital marketing by helping with their weekly email campaigns.

To gain exposure, Royal Dental Lab goes to trade shows, and Media Factory has paved the way for their success. We’ve done everything from printing product labels and decals to getting table throws and self-standing signs.  

What can we say? Working with Royal Dental Lab makes us smile. (Get it? They work with teeth.)