Indiana Women in Need

Indiana Women in Need serves those all over the state that are fighting breast cancer. The non-profit relieves emotional, physical, and financial burdens by securing and paying for individual services. Indiana Women in Need offers its recipients strength to endure treatment and places them on a path to survivorship.

Indiana Women in Need, which started in 2000, serves over 500 men and women each year, providing over $1.4 million in services to recipients throughout the state. Indiana Women in Need offers hope and encouragement to those who need it most as they walk the difficult road that is cancer.

Media Factory has been partnering with Indiana Women in Need since 2004. For them, we print letterhead, envelopes and stickers. But we’re most proud of our contributions to the Pink Pajama Party each February. This fun, overnight event celebrates the women touched by breast cancer. The creative team at Media Factory works with the IWIN team’s yearly theme to create festive branding for everything from invites to event signage. We design and produce the party’s logo, stage backdrop, banners, ceiling decorations, centerpieces, table tents, wayfinding signs, and multiple banners.

Indiana Women in Need is especially near and dear to our hearts because we have breast cancer survivors on staff here at Media Factory. We’re grateful that we get to serve such a strong organization that is making a difference in the lives of others. Media Factory supports you, Indiana Women in Need!