Indiana United Methodist Children's Home

Newsletters, Appeal Campaigns, and More

Located in Lebanon, Indiana, just off Highway 39 is Indiana United Methodist Children’s Home. It was started in 1915 by Angie Godwin, a United Methodist Deaconess, who had a deep love for children, especially orphans. 

Today, the facility provides services to boys and girls with educational, emotional, and behavioral difficulty. They offer counseling services, dental and medical care, and spiritual development. 

Media Factory has been partnering with the Indiana United Methodist Children’s Home since 1998. Not only did they entrust the redesign of their logo to Media Factory, we are their go-to for all of their design and print needs. We take care of their newsletters, appeal campaigns, event invitations, stationery, note cards, and business cards.

For the Indiana United Methodist Children’s Home’s 100th anniversary, Media Factory did all of the designing and printing for invitations, tickets, and programs. (It was a resounding success, by the way!)

Media Factory is proud to partner with the Indiana United Methodist Children’s Home, as we wholeheartedly believe in their ministry.