Firestone Industrial Products

Trade Shows, Banners, Vehicle Wraps, and More

When you think of Firestone Industrial Products, you probably think of Firestone tires. And you’d be right! Firestone Tire and Rubber Company purchased a plant in Noblesville in 1936. But Firestone is so much more than just a tire company; they are industry leaders in pneumatic suspension devices. (Don’t know what that is? It’s an air spring for buses, trucks, trailers, and rail cars.)

Firestone are have expanded well beyond Noblesville. Their company headquarters is in Carmel, but they now have facilities on 4 continents! To accommodate their needs, we ship to distributors nationwide. As a national company, Firestone has to be careful to maintain consistent marketing, so Media Factory works within their budget constraints and specific brand colors.

We started working with Firestone in 2005. Over the years, we’ve collaborated on lots of trade show displays, booths, and banners. We also print marketing literature, hardware to display, and vehicle wraps that they drive around town advertising their business.

As a company, Firestone is known for quality, reliability, and service—and we think they would say the same about their work with Media Factory.