Edge Guys

Edge Guys’s founder Jim Williams had 20+ years of heating and cooling experience when he started the company in 2009. They work 24/7 to keep customers—homeowners and businesses alike—comfortable by offering heating, cooling, and air conditioning services.

Serving Hamilton County,  Marion County, and surrounding areas, Edge Guys specialize in product replacement, maintenance, air quality, temperature zoning, and geothermal energy. They also sell and service air conditioners, heat pumps, furnaces, whole house humidifiers, and Primo Grills.

Media Factory has partnered with Edge Guys since 2010. For them, we’ve done some very cool  vehicle graphics and wraps (check out pics on their website), stationery, business cards, checks, sales sheets, and pocket folders. We also print NCR/multipart forms like proposals and service tickets.

Edge Guys works hard to provide customers with quality care and service from people they can trust. We believe they would say the same about their experience working with Media Factory.