D.L. Couch

Based in New Castle, Indiana, D.L. Couch has showrooms in Indianapolis, Minneapolis, and Chicago. The company, which formed in 1985, has remained a family-owned company and is named after Dennis Couch, the company’s Founder and President. 

In addition to being phenomenal at what they do, the company has also been recognized as an enjoyable workplace. In 2013, D.L. Couch was named one of the Best Places to Work in Indiana by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce.

D.L Couch’s passion is “creating beautiful, functional, well­-crafted, versatile, and stimulating design.” They do that by offering a plethora of inspiring options through fabrics, wallcoverings, privacy curtains, writeaway products, textiles, and digital wallcoverings. 

Media Factory has been partnering with D.L. Couch since 2008. For them, we print fabric sample cards, distributor cards, table display cards, tent cards, and product bands that wrap around samples. We have also done pocket folders, stationery, invitations and custom file folders. 

One of the most important things to note about our collaboration is how color conscious we have to be when working with fabrics and shades. Sample cards are essentially pictures of swatches, so we have to emulate those fabrics as closely as possible. We work hard to ensure that D.L. Couch is pleased with the finished product.

Here at Media Factory, we love partnering with esteemed companies such as D.L. Couch. If you need design help with your commercial interior finishes, they may be the one-stop shop you need!