Carmel Fire Department

Led by Fire Chief David Haboush, the Carmel Fire Department serves our community from 6 different stations on: Civic Square, Main Street, 106th Street x2, College Avenue, and 136th Street. The Fire Department is made up of brave men and women who face challenging weather conditions and put their lives on the line as they face over 6,500 fires annually.

The Carmel Fire Department strives to hold true to their values: honor, integrity, service, excellence, and tradition. The crew is diligent about its training, keeping up-to-date with safety and security measures.  

Carmel Fire Department hosts events and activities that Media Factory has been helping with for over 17 years. We’ve done raffle tickets, fire prevention notices and lettering. We regularly design and print EMS brochures and pocket folders.

Here at Media Factory, we’re proud to partner with local heroes like the Carmel Fire Department. Our city is safer because of you. Thank you for your service!