American Legion of Indiana

Established in 1919, the American Legion of Indiana serves veterans, their families, and their communities. The American Legion is a group of veterans who continue to faithfully serve America by offering financial, emotional, and spiritual assistance to fellow veterans.

For God and Country, the American Legion has 2.2 million members nationally and 84,000 locally. Annually, they host Hoosier Boys State, which has transformed the lives of many high schoolers. They have held the American flag during Colts games and presenting colors at a KISS concert.

Media Factory has been partnering with the American Legion for 14 years. For them, we print banners, posters, and tickets. We help out with table throws and signs for fundraisers. And we came to their rescue when they needed a car banner for the 4th of July parade.

Truly, it is an honor for Media Factory to work with such a worthwhile organization. To all of our veterans, we salute you!