A.E.D. Motorsports

Since 1995, A.E.D. Motorsports has been supplying high-quality metals for commercial and industrial clients, including motorsports and performance equipment industries. Located right here in Indianapolis on 86th street, the company ships their products all over the world.

A.E.D. maintains an inventory of materials (mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, docol, etc) and products, including all the parts and tools one might need (safety washers, taps, tube adapters, clevises, center finders, and more).

Since 1996 we have been partnering with A.E.D. to  print their business cards, catalogs, trade show collateral, and product brochures. But that’s not all we do for A.E.D. Perhaps our biggest (and most popular) product is the A.E.D. Motorsport annual calendar.

What began as a fun idea many years ago has evolved into something their customers take part in and can’t wait to receive. Here’s how it works: A.E.D. reaches out to clients with race cars. Models are then hired to pose with these classics, and photos are taken.

Each year, the company works with Media Factory to design and produce these custom calendars for their clients. This marketing tool fosters interaction with their constituents—and it allows A.E.D. to be at the top of clients’ minds each month (or at least at the top of their calendars).

Here at Media Factory, we partner with companies like A.E.D. to creatively market and promote their businesses. We consider their End of the Year calendar a WIN! Looking for a unique way to market your company? Give us a shout!